Commure Joins Postman API Network to Improve Healthcare Development

Commure is partnering with Postman, the leading collaboration platform for API development used by more than 13 million developers and 500,000 companies worldwide, in order to lower the barriers for all developers to innovate in healthcare. Available immediately, the Commure Postman Collections feature the Commure FHIR® API and Authentication API, alongside a set of Clinical Scenarios that help developers identify and create applications addressing important healthcare needs.

“The Commure FHIR API and Clinical Scenarios in our Postman Collections will make it easier and faster for developers to design, build, and test healthcare applications. With a couple of clicks, you can learn how to harness our API to build your own clinical workflows, from appointment scheduling to medication administration.” — Fernando Cubides, Commure Software Developer

The Commure Postman Collections cover the following Clinical Scenarios: Telehealth, Care Team Management, Inpatient Medical Workflows, and Capturing Data with Forms. Each scenario poses a unique but critical workflow in care delivery which Commure addresses with simple, guided tutorials. Below we preview the clinical relevance and objectives of each Clinical Scenario.

1. Telehealth

Clinical Relevance: Telehealth is the use of digital technology and communication in order to create, manage and obtain healthcare services electronically. Telehealth capabilities have provided critical access to care throughout the COVID-19 global health crisis. In the future, telehealth will not only continue to support greater access to care for more people, but will give patients the optionality and convenience of care that they now expect.

Objective: Understand how the Commure FHIR API can help you create an app to manage a telehealth visit, from appointment scheduling and prescribing medication to establishing a follow-up appointment.

2. Care Team Management

Clinical Relevance: Care teams blend multidisciplinary skills, and may consist of medically trained and non-medically trained personnel. A care team may include nurses, physicians, medical assistants, schedulers, office managers, and more. All care teams need efficient and secure tools in order to collaborate effectively and deliver better patient care.

Objectives: Review how the Commure FHIR API can help you create applications to allow clinicians to view their patient lists, as well as, read, write, and share notes about individual patients.

3. Inpatient Medication Workflow

Clinical Relevance: The Inpatient Medication Workflow is a collection of processes and communications designed to provide patients with medication in a safe and timely manner. This workflow includes all necessary steps, starting from a clinician discussing a medication with a patient, to the administration of the medication to the patient. Effective and clear documentation allows for various care team members to track patient notes and medication. Additionally, tracking the medication workflow allows for easier billing, insurance filing, and inventory tracking.

Objectives: Follow the workflow of a prescribed medication that is administered to a patient in an inpatient setting, from prescription order to delivery. We’ll explore how FHIR client applications running on the Commure FHIR API and non-FHIR systems integrated by Commure facilitate the execution of this workflow.

4. Capturing Data with Forms

Clinical Relevance: Collecting data is often the first step of any medical visit. The various forms, documents, and questionnaires needed by a clinic may differ based on their needs, but will always exist as an initial and crucial point of contact. Whether it’s insurance paperwork or a patient history questionnaire, quick and easy access to patient information is the backbone of expedient care.

Objectives: Explore FHIR’s mechanism for describing clinical forms, the Questionnaire resource, and the additional capabilities enabled by Commure’s support for the Structured Data Capture (SDC) specification. The collection will demonstrate how to generate auto-filled forms that are partially-filled with answers from existing data and how new or updated information in a form can be turned into the appropriate FHIR resources.

Our Postman partnership will let millions of developers access the tools and tutorials necessary to test, build, and create healthcare applications more easily, while Commure obscures some of the complexity that has historically made creating healthcare applications so daunting to outsiders. The Commure Postman Collections make developing for healthcare accessible to every developer who has an idea and the resolve to change healthcare for the better.

We encourage you to explore the Commure Postman Collections, then create a free Postman developer account, and test the collections for yourself. We can’t wait to see the impact you create.

Want access to more tools for healthcare development or to join our team? Visit HL7® and FHIR® are registered trademarks of Health Level Seven International (HL7) and their use does not constitute endorsement by HL7. or check out our open positions.

Originally published at on January 15, 2021.




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