Clinicians: 11 New Listrunner Features to Streamline Your Workflows

By Maia Kapahi, Product Manager of Listrunner, and Michela Iannaccone, Engineering Manager

Ineffective hand-off communication is recognized as a critical safety problem in healthcare; in fact, an estimated 80% of all serious medical errors can be traced back to poor communication during patient handoffs. Listrunner, the industry-leading, HIPAA-compliant care team collaboration application, helps to reduce these communication errors by enabling care teams to build their own customizable workflows. Hundreds of hospitals and thousands of clinicians use Listrunner to securely collaborate on the care of over a half a million patients every year.

At Commure, we’re always listening to your feedback and looking to see what we can do to improve Listrunner. And lately, we’ve been quite busy!

Some new Listrunner features, as noted below, are exclusive to or enhanced for Listrunner Connect users. Listrunner Connect is a premium edition of Listrunner that enables you to integrate your EHR with Listrunner in order to access patient demographic data, clinical labs data, and more in real time. Connect prevents manual data entry errors, saves you time, and streamlines your overall workflows. To learn more about connecting your EHR to Listrunner, please send us a note. Our team is happy to answer any questions you may have.

What’s new to Listrunner?

  1. Labs Columns (Web and Mobile) — Enhanced for Listrunner Connect: While new patient lab columns are available to all Listrunner users, lab columns are best used with data from your EHR. Listrunner Connect users can display BMP, CBC, and Ca/Mg/Phos fishbone labs with lab data extracted from their EHRs in real-time. You can add a lab column by going to the “Edit columns” screen.
  2. Push Notifications (Mobile Only): Rest assured that nothing will slip through the cracks with opt-in push notifications. You can choose to be notified when a patient is added or archived, and when tasks are assigned to you.
  3. Tabbing (Web Only): You can now tab through your patient lists for faster and simpler Listrunner navigation using just your keyboard. With tabbing, you don’t need a mouse anymore.
  4. Patient Location Field (Web and Mobile)Enhanced for Listrunner Connect: While you can manually type in patient location information in the Patient Location Field in any edition of Listrunner, for Listrunner Connect users, locating your patient is easier than ever. Listrunner Connect, when enabled, automatically updates patient location information based on your EHR data in real-time.
  5. Patient List Navigation (Web Only): We added a button that allows you to quickly jump back to the top of your patient list. This floating button prevents you from scrolling repeatedly as your lists get longer.
  6. Improved Patient Search (Web Only): Locate your patients faster with improved patient search. Filter your patient lists by any search term to find patients quickly and accelerate your workflow.
  7. Flexible Date Columns (Web Only) — Exclusive to Listrunner Connect: Date columns can now be added and modified as needed to mark information most relevant for your care team. For example, you may choose to capture “first visit” and “last contacted” dates for your patients with new flexible date columns that are easy to edit.
  8. Detailed Patient Data Display (Mobile): When a patient’s length of stay is less than one day, now you can see the number of hours since the patient has been admitted. This also applies to archived dates.
  9. Optimized Search Speeds (Mobile): When you’re providing patient care, speed and stability matter. Mobile search is now faster and more reliable than ever.
  10. Minor Bug Fixes (Mobile): We resolved minor bugs and made stability improvements overall.
  11. General Security Enhancements (Mobile): Protecting patient data has been and continues to be our top priority.

What’s Next?

We’ve been working hard on a number of exciting new features, including a private notes column where you can capture your own notes that no one else can see, a metrics dashboard to provide insights into patient flow between lists and how long tasks are taking to accomplish on average, customizable task templates, and more. We love hearing from our users, and welcome all feedback. Tell us what you want to see next to help you and your care team further streamline your workflows.

Thank you for using Listrunner and for all the work you do for your patients.

Maia Kapahi, Product Manager, Listrunner
Michela Iannaccone, Engineering Manager, Commure

Originally published at on August 14, 2020.




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